LDR 2018 Pilot


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RGB LEDs are required. Recommend: 4x RBG LED units per rear arm (8 units total), or any other setup clearly visible at night.
Recommended LEDs: http://bit.ly/2G6gb8O or http://bit.ly/2G8GZVQ
Only 25mw VTX (ImmersionRC Tramp, TBS Unify, VTX03 and AKK Nano2, FT48X)
We recommend the TBS Unify Nano, it’s super small and easy to fit anywhere, not expensive and the vtx signal is reliable (Plus it has smart audio control from FC).
LHCP and RHCP antennas are required (you need to be able to change fast if needed)

YOU NEED TO READ THE RULES BEFORE REGISTERING: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qrnf8om6eysfxvw/REG_1.1_EN2018.pdf?dl=0


Free Room Accommodation is at the stadium and only for pilots.

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Free Room Accommodation

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